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Sedona Completes a Successful XE Beta 2.0 Program,
Readies for May Product Launch

AUSTIN,Texas -- May 5, 1999 -- Sedona Visual Controls, Inc. today announced the completion of a successful XPRESSion Evaluator 2.0 Beta program.  The Sedona XPRESSion Evaluator(tm) is designed to take advantage of several new technologies introduced in LabVIEW 5.0.  Thanks to the contributions and valuable suggestions of beta testers, Sedona will be ready for full product release in mid May. 

To learn more about the XE click here or goto http://www.sedonavc.com/xe/ .  There you will find comprehensive information about the XE and view the online manual.

If your company is interested in ordering the XE or obtaining pre-release pricing information, please contact Sedona using info@sedonavc.com